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UBTH charges patients and health workers on hygiene to reduce infections

Chief Medical Director of Benin University Hospital (UBTH), Professor Darlington Obaseki, has instructed healthcare workers and patients to imbibe safe hand hygiene to reduce infection rates to the hospital.

Professor Obaseki led the hospital in celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day with the theme “Quality and safety of health care, climate and culture that values ​​hand hygiene and prevention and control infections”.

“Safe hygiene is essential in the healthcare system and facilities to prevent healthcare-associated infections. Most infections are transmitted from patient to patient, healthcare worker to patient, or healthcare worker to healthcare worker. »

“Patient safety is one of the pillars of quality healthcare; no one should come to the hospital with one illness and leave with another. This is why we educate patients, healthcare workers, visitors and management on the importance of handwashing hygiene,” he said.

He instructed patients and healthcare workers to imbibe regular handwashing in the hospital as it could reduce the spread of infections.

According to him, “We sensitize the whole hospital because the safety of patients at UBTH is very important is very important to us.

Earlier, Dr. Esohe Ogboghodo, Chairman of Infection Prevention and Control at UBTH, said the sensitization was aimed at drawing the attention of patients and health workers to the need for safe hygiene for the hand washing, as 80% of health care associated infections are spread through the hands.

She said the hospital has provided running water, liquid soaps and hand sanitizers at all times to prevent the spread of infections.

Ogboghodo, however, praised healthcare workers for leading by example and encouraging others to wash their hands, saying, “If we wash our hands regularly, we can significantly reduce infection.

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