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The bright side: Tabitha Medical Care

LAUREL, Del. – Those with a Family Medical Clinic in Laurel, DE bring new meaning to community outreach, advocacy, and focus on people living in communities that face language barriers and lack of resources. “When you come to a place and find someone who not only looks like you, but can also communicate freely without barriers, I think that’s really important,” says Nadya Julien, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Owner and CEO of Tabitha medical care.

Tabitha Medical Care serves those of Delmarva whether it is illness, chronic illness, physical issues, diabetes or preventive care. However, meeting medical needs is only one of their missions. Their main target is the Haitian, Hispanic and other minority communities, who need an advocate. “So wherever we can connect with a network that serves that community and make sure that we have or that we work together and we can bring that health equity to reach that population,” says Julien.

Julien, originally from Haiti, came to the United States in his early twenties to study medicine after his father worked hard to obtain his citizenship and brought his family. Although she tells me her English was limited, it taught her and her siblings to be advocates, which is a mission she continues to carry out. “I’m never afraid to tell people my background, where I come from because I know that God brought me here to help others, to be a lawyer and to be this bridge for my people,” says- she.

So, to achieve this goal, Julien and his medical team travel to hard-to-reach communities with language barriers. Currently, 60% of Tabitha’s medical patients are Haitian, 25% Hispanic, and the remainder are African American and white. Whether it’s in the exam room, at church, or in the community, she tells 47 ABC, she wants to bring medical help to those who need it most. “To educate even the Haitian community and increase the population in Sussex County, Wicomico County and even Kent County.” Julien adds: “So to clarify the questions, the myth and their misconceptions for them to be vaccinated.”

These efforts earned Julien “Humanitarian of the Year” from One Way Insurance Group, whose owners are active leaders in the Haitian community in Delaware. “I think it’s good when they say what you do in the community. I was one of the Haitian community leaders who received this award and I was very humbled and thanked God for this,” she tells us.

Whether it’s medical events, coat distributions or wellness checks, Julien and his team believe these can best be helped by stepping outside their own four walls. “I always push them, I told them it’s a land of opportunity, grab whatever you can get, grab the good stuff and go out there and take that and help somebody become better.”

Julien also tells us that they will be hosting a warm end-of-year event that consists of winter health and wellness, flu shots, COVID vaccines, coat giveaways and much more.

Next year, they also plan to open a primary care behavioral health integration where they will offer brief mental health counseling, which she says is another unresolved issue in minority communities.

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