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The best time to plan your medical care is now

This week is National Advance Care Planning Week, which means it’s a good time to think about your future medical care plans.

As more Australians live longer, few wonder how their values ​​and medical treatment preferences might be taken into account if they are no longer able to communicate, with Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) estimating that around a third of people will not be able to make their own medical choices at the end of life.

Sudden health events or even gradual declines can leave people speechless when it comes time for medical treatment, according to Dr. Chris Moy, AMA Vice President and ACPA Ambassador.

“Less than 15% of Australians have an advance care directive. This means millions of Australians are unaware that they gave up their ability to control their own destiny if they lost their decision-making ability.

“It leaves their loved ones with the burden of blindly making heartbreaking decisions. No family should have to go through this.” he said.

National Advance Care Planning Week, March 21-27, aims to “demystify and normalize” conversations around dying and dying, and encourage Australians young and old to take the necessary steps to ensure that their future medical care is covered.

For more information – including tips on how to talk to family, attend events and complete necessary forms – visit the APAC website.

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