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Take Your Medical Care Wherever You Go With Gojek Clone Medical Services – Newz Hook | Disability News

Super on-demand apps like Gojek have had a significant impact on businesses, helping them provide reliable stability in the market. Clone Gojek has made it easy to find any type of healthcare professional, as healthcare services are no exception.

According to statistics, both telemedicine and on-demand healthcare services will experience substantial growth in the coming years. Moreover, with the medical services provided by Gojek Clone App, consumers can now get top notch medical care with just a few clicks on their smartphone.

With our new feature, your users can now arrange doctor visits where they treat patients at their homes or at the doctor’s office.

Plus, it’s now simple to call an ambulance, connect to the nearest blood banks, get prescription medications delivered right to your doorstep, and have video consultations with healthcare professionals.

You receive a higher commission when all medical services are ordered through your app, which significantly increases your income. Our innovative medical services module will give you a leg up on your competition.

Your medical care goes wherever you go

Gojek Clone Medical Services offers healthcare focused on same-day urgent care appointments, telemedicine, integrated video consultations, on-demand ambulance services, and more. It provides these services in a clear and efficient way through its application.

Therefore, you can use an app like Gojek to help patients identify walk-in clinics, urgent care centers, blood banks, pharmacies, and other establishments and book appointments online. online or in person. With the help of this app, your patients can book doctor appointments quickly.

Moreover, this app allows healthcare professionals and different doctors to offer their services so that patients can select the best healthcare providers for their treatments. By doing so, Gojek Clone App turns into an aggregator in the healthcare industry.

How Gojek Clone’s Medical Service Component Gives You A Head Start In The Race For Business

The medical service app is the perfect base for your Gojek clone app from App Development Company. These are the most important tips that can help you improve your business performance.

Your new business-oriented software for scheduling medical appointments has much more user-friendly interfaces like Face ID and Fingerprint. Therefore, with smart connections, your users can easily schedule doctor’s appointments without encountering any difficulties while boarding.

  • Online video consultation

With the in-app video consultation feature, patients can communicate freely with doctors to receive answers to their questions about their health or meditation. They can easily consult their doctor while being anywhere.

  • Make a payment from the app

Many payment options are available on your brand new app. Your customers can smartly make their payments using your doctor’s appointment app after booking an appointment. Advance appointments can be made online.

  • Make/Reschedule/Cancel Appointments

You can make any additional changes necessary to make it easier to use your online medical appointment service. It seems like your business software is constantly updating your customers’ environment.

  • You can promote the service in the app

Banner ads, pop-ups, images and more can all be easily modified for your medical application. Additionally, by offering referral connections, savings, and discount coupons, you can attract customers.

How to make money by taking advantage of this new component of medical services?

There are many ways to generate money on Gojek Clone. For example, you can receive subscriptions or commissions from doctors if you want to list their services online.

Doctors, veterinarians, physical therapists and nurses now have the ability to extend their office work and offer their services online with this new functionality component for medical services. You can generate profit or recurring monthly fees by creating a market like this.

With geotagged push notifications, you can geotag the location to target the audience to promote your services. Also, you can take advantage of banner ads as well as promo codes to the selected audience.


The healthcare industry is increasingly competitive. competition mobile app will be evaluated with your software. So that your users don’t have to download ten different apps just to book a simple doctor’s appointment, you need to create a single, comprehensive health services app.

Keep in mind while designing the app that it should provide a value proposition to consumers and healthcare professionals in order to attract more users and respond quickly to their medical needs.

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