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Sanford’s Top Health Doctors Explain Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

By November 1, all Sanford Health employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19, a step that Sanford Health says provides the possible safe environment for its patients, residents and staff.

As the delta variant has become more prevalent around the world, around 70% of Sanford Health employees are already vaccinated. The company has decided to require its employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, a requirement that must be met to be an employee of Sanford Health.

“By November 1, this will be a condition of employment with Sanford Health. if you don’t have a religious or other exemption, we will require it to work in Sanford, ”said Dr Jeremy Cauwels, Chief Medical Officer of Sanford Health. “For many of our employees, we already have this information electronically, so it won’t be difficult for us to find it. For the other people at this point, we’re working on it, but our plan is to make sure they somehow showed us their vaccination card so that we have it on file.

Sanford Health in Bemidji began vaccinating its staff in January on a voluntary basis. Now, with that requirement and the November vaccine deadline, employees have time to ask questions about the vaccines.

“We really don’t have a deadline for completion until November 1,” said Dr. David Wilcox, medical vice president of Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota. “And the point of that was to give anyone who is hesitant to have a chance to ask their questions, to reflect, as well as to extend this vaccination period so that people have the opportunity to finish their vaccines.

Sanford Health will allow certain exemptions for medical or religious reasons.

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