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RC Slocum encourages return to preventive medical care

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) — Former Texas A&M head football coach RC Slocum gives praise to God for going through his cancer journey, which included 12 chemotherapy treatments.

“God is good and doctors are good, so it’s a good combination,” Slocum said. “I had great doctors and a great God, so that’s how I deal with this stuff.”

The coach announced he was diagnosed with Hopkins Lymphoma in June 2021. The diagnosis came after his wife noticed he had a recurring cough.

“When I had a chest x-ray it was obvious something was up so I went back and had a scan they said ‘you have problems, you have swollen lymph nodes'” , Slocum said.

Slocum believes his journey with cancer was easier because he didn’t wait too long to get medical help. He also credits his doctor, Dr. Juddi Yeh.

“We have always advocated for preventive care and early detection of cancer and any other medical condition to achieve the best outcomes for all of our patients,” Yeh said.

Baylor doctor Scott & White said many people have postponed care during the pandemic.

“About 25% of people have delayed their health care needs from pre-pandemic levels,” Yeh said.

Slocum believes early detection saved his life and hopes others will get help soon.

“Don’t delay taking care of yourself, have a routine plan to take care of your health and make it a priority for you and your family.”

Because the former head coach made his health a priority, he started enjoying some of his favorite pastimes like golf again. He said getting to this point would also not have been possible without his faith and the support of his family and community.

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