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Proposed HHS rule upends medical care to appease woke transgender – InsuranceNewsNet

WASHINGTON, July 27 (TNStalk) — The Heritage Foundation issued the following statement on July 26, 2022:

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The Ministry of Health and Social Services (HHS), through its Civil Rights Officereleased draft regulations yesterday that will require health insurance companies to cover expensive transgender surgeries and treatments, as well as require physicians to perform these procedures, including on minors, despite their sincere and consistent medical objections .

Roger SeverinoVice President of Domestic Policy at The Heritage Foundation and former director of HHS Civil Rights Officereleased the following statement on the proposed rule on Tuesday:

“Our health care system should be focused on helping Americans of all ages get the best care and treatment, not advancing a narrow transgender agenda that replaces the hard facts of medicine with woke ideology. By attempting to fix phantom problems, the proposal will inflict real By imposing an unscientific gender standard of care and forcing insurance plans to pay for it, the rule will result in sterilization, loss of sexual function, l removal of healthy reproductive organs and a plethora of unnecessary surgical and chemical procedures with lifelong consequences.

“Given appointments at HHS as transgender activist Dr. Rachel Levin and Radical Abortion Secretary Xavier Becerra, this transgender mandate comes as no surprise. On the heels of the Biden administration’s plans to force girls and women to share school lockers, showers, dorms and sports with men and boys, this erasure of women from medicine and health will be the next domino to fall if not resisted.

“The proposed rule is littered with fancy jargon such as ‘pregnant person’, ‘respondents who have retained a uterus’, ‘individual who does not have a cervix’ and ‘individual who does not have a prostate’, which is humiliating for both men and women.

“What is truly alarming about this rule is how it irresponsibly pushes transgender treatments despite no legal requirements and in the face of flawed and conflicting evidence. Neither the law, nor politics, nor science do not support such an extreme inversion of medicine, which is why HHS should abandon all efforts to change the rule in Section 1557.”

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BACKGROUND: Heritage recently published new research showing that making puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones – often used in medical gender interventions from age 12 – more widely available does not reduce but increases suicide rates for young people. This rule will only make these treatments even more accessible, putting even more young Americans at risk of permanent physical and psychological harm.

Severino, founder of the Center for Ethics and Public Policy HHS Accountability Projectappeared before the Office of Civil Rights and OMB under Biden and submitted formal concerns about the planned regulation which you can read here (

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