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Patients leaving Middlemore without receiving medical attention

Patients are waiting longer for medical treatment at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital emergency department and some are even giving up, National Health Party spokesman Dr Shane Reti said.

Documents recently obtained under the Official Information Act show that emergency room wait times at Middlemore Hospital last month were 11% worse than the same time last year.

“Reports show that the number of people seen at Middlemore ED within the six-hour target has increased from 79% to 68% in the last year,” says Dr Reti.

“Worryingly, there appear to be thousands of people self-offloading from the emergency, probably because they can’t wait.

“Yesterday Health Minister Andrew Little said ‘in terms of emergency room wait times, it is correct that there are more people waiting longer. That’s a fact.

“The Labor government is failing sick New Zealanders when they need them most.”

When National delivered in 2017, more than 90% of patients were seen in the Middlemore emergency department within six hours.

“National had to pass this information on to the OIA because Andrew Little stopped reporting ER wait times last year,” says Dr. Reti.

“Andrew Little has to face and explain this stupid and shortsighted decision.

“The signals that the emergency services were under pressure were there, but Andrew Little stopped looking and was more interested in restructuring the health system and increasing the number of bureaucrats instead of helping the Neo- Sick Zealanders who wait hours in the emergency room to be seen.

“The Minister of Health must immediately consider what he can do to help emergency services under pressure across the country, develop a comprehensive after-hours plan with primary care and refocus the $486 million on health restructuring to support our exhausted health workforce.”

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