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Neuropathy and Pain Solutions – Announcement dated 08/01/2022 | Medical care

Do you suffer from neuropathy or chronic pain? We have the answer ! MEDICINE AND MAIN INSURANCE ACCEPTED + FDA APPROVED Revolutionary treatment for symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy! Our proprietary treatment uses a highly advanced electrical cell signaling device that helps increase circulation, reduce inflammation, stimulate nerve fibers, and improve healing. This exciting new quantum medical treatment uses a sophisticated and painless electro-energetic wave generator. It signals small peripheral nerve cells directly with electronic impulses. Think of it like a piano tuner hitting its tuning fork next to your piano to tune it. The piano strings will vibrate when properly tuned to the correct frequency. This is how the electrical impulses sent by the device affect your nerve cells so that they can regrow and start the healing process. The treatment is not painful; it’s comfortable and non-invasive. The typical treatment lasts between 15 and 30 minutes per session and is recommended 2 to 3 times per week depending on your condition and the protocol you have prescribed. Take back your life with this new, 100% drug-free, safe and proven method of treatment. Neuropathy and Pain Solutions have helped hundreds of patients just like you and are ready to help you become PAIN FREE too! 1603 W Kimmel, Marion, IL 62959 You don’t have to suffer one more minute of neuropathy or chronic pain! Call 618-361-LIFE (5433) to make an appointment now!

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