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More Quebecers seek medical care for COVID-19 as deaths rise by 15

The number of Quebecers hospitalized for treatment for COVID-19 increased by 62 people for a new total of 2,148.

According to public health officials, 724 of those patients need care specifically for the virus.

Intensive care admissions increased by two, for a total of 61.

Officials note that 31 of those cases are explicitly linked to COVID-19.

Provincial health officials have also confirmed 15 other deaths, a total of 15,891.

On July 24, a total of 11,107 samples were analyzed.

Quebec has added 1,767 PCR COVID-19 cases for 1,140,647 infected since the start of the pandemic.

A total of 264,372 rapid tests have been declared with 220,747 positive tests.

On Monday, 498 were reported, including 427 positives.

Quebec is encouraging people to report the status of their rapid home test so officials can get a clearer picture of infection levels in the province.

There are 6,580 healthcare workers currently absent for reasons related to COVID-19.


Quebec health professionals administered 6,894 more vaccinations for a total of 20,287,219 doses.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé points out that vaccination against the virus does not completely prevent infection, but it does reduce the risk of disastrous consequences.

As of July 24, 91% of the eligible population aged five and over had received their first dose of vaccine and 56% had received three.

Another 17% received four.

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