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Letter: Confused by the medical care division | Letters

Is it just me, or are you also confused about the current division of institutional medical care in Batavia, NY, and surrounding areas? On one side we have the University of Rochester/Strong Memorial Hospital System (U of R). On the other hand, we have the Rochester Regional Health System (RRHS). On a third side again, we have so-called “independent” health care providers who, or who, are not associated with either of the two systems listed above! (Cue here the universal “it’s all about the money” symbol, rubbing the thumb and first two fingers together on one hand.)

One of my doctors is associated with the U of R system. Another of my doctors is associated with RRHS. And yet a third doctor is “independent”. One of my doctors was with U of R, then moved to RRHS. Another of my doctors was with RRHS, then moved to U of R. And yet a third doctor remained “independent”. I need a dashboard to keep track of all alliances and permutations of all my medical providers. (And you?). Spot the hand symbol shown above here to explain all that nonsense. What is the meaning of all this stupidity, this sharing of medical bureaucracy? Cue here again the hand symbol shown above, for a response. For some time there, at least in the last 40 years, medical care in Batavia was understandable, regular, calm and collected, reliable. Not anymore, in the recent past and this new division of labor in medical care.

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