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LankaWeb – 74 gas stations allocated to supply fuel to health workers.

74 service stations assigned to the supply of fuel to health workers.
Posted on June 21, 2022

Courtesy of Adaderana

Arrangements are underway to distribute volumes of fuel to the vehicles of health sector employees every Friday at 74 gas stations across the island, Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said.

In a tweet, the legislator published the list of gas stations allocated to employees of the health sector to obtain fuel.

Earlier this month, representatives of the Ministry of Health, with the participation of all stakeholders, held a meeting with the Minister of Power and Energy, Kanchana Wijesekara, to explore the possibility of ensure the continued supply of fuel for health sector staff members during the current crisis situation in the country.

According to Minister Rambukwella, an agreement was reached during the meeting to ensure adequate quantities of fuel for identified fuel stations across the country.

In a recent letter to Minister Wijesekara on the criteria for ensuring continuous fuel supply for employees in the health sector, the Minister of Health noted that these identified fuel stations are dedicated to essential services, including personnel health services for a particular day of the week (every Friday).

Thus, any member of the nursing staff requesting this facility must be in possession of proof of identity such as the Departmental Identity Card, to be presented at the service station if necessary.

All heads of health facilities are responsible/authorized to issue a letter/document certifying the person as a staff member of a particular health facility, which must be produced at the service station as proof of identity .

The letter should include the following details:
• Name of health facilities
• Name of health staff member
• Designation
• Network card number
• Vehicle type and registration number

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