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Kennon Products Launches Revolutionary Suicide Prevention Door for Healthcare Facilities |

SHERIDAN, Wyo., April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As medical facilities across the United States step up efforts to make healthcare environments safer, an industry pioneer Kennon Products introduced its second-generation soft suicide prevention door (SSPD) in the bedroom, the Kennon SSPD Door 2.0.

Suicide is the tenth in the lead cause of death in United States, and the rate has increased in recent years, in clinical settings. In the healthcare environment, patient rooms and bathrooms may contain items that patients use to attempt suicide. The Kennon SSPD 2.0 door is designed to give patients privacy while its anti-ligature hinge protects them from injury. The door is ideal for use in behavioral health facilities, psychiatric hospitals, mental health facilities, emergency departments, assisted living situations, prisons and juvenile facilities.

“Three years of engineering and testing have allowed us to achieve a door that we are truly proud of,” said Joe Wright, CEO of Kennon Products. “The Kennon SSPD 2.0 door is the most advanced suicide prevention door. The door is soft, lightweight and has a magnetic hinge that releases under 20 pounds of pressure. It is also very durable and has received NFPA-286 certification from the National Fire Protection Association. Operators of facilities wishing to meet certain fire prevention guidelines need this certification, and Kennon’s SSPD 2.0 door is the first to receive this certification. NFPA-286 is a great achievement for our team.

Kennon’s SSPD 2.0 door was designed for new construction and retrofitting existing units. The door helps facilities demonstrate patient care, boost staff morale, and adds an aesthetic element to an otherwise sterile patient room environment. The door is available in four sizes to fit any door. Its built-in magnetic hinge allows for easy installation into any hollow metal frame in seconds without special tools or training. In non-steel door frames, Kennon offers ligature resistant mounting plates.

Other features include:

  • Tear resistant
  • Durable/water resistant
  • Easily washable
  • Customizable with colors, graphics and images to match any decor
  • Anti-ligature design
  • Detachable hinge
  • Magnetic closure
  • Integrated notch for use as a “door handle”
  • Complies with Life Safety Code 101

Kennon Products created the original SSPD in 2009, in partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The Kennon SSPD 2.0 door is lighter than the previous door, which improves functionality. It also allows caregivers to see and monitor the patient, without infringing on their privacy. Kennon offers the door, printed with high resolution images, on both sides. Kennon has sold over 18,000 suicide prevention soft doors to approximately 600 different facilities across United States.

“Our mission gives us enough flexibility to explore all kinds of new markets,” Wright said. “Our key to success is not so much our products as the tight integration of our engineering, manufacturing and our mission to protect people. We took on the challenge of creating the SSPD because it was a perfect fit with our mission to protection of people. , and the solution required the same precision engineering and manufacturing that we use in the rest of our products.”

About Kennon Products

Founded in 1984, Kennon Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of products that protect people and high-value assets for the military, aerospace and healthcare industries. The company employs more than 60 people at its Sheridan, Wyoming facility. Kennon is an employee-owned ESOP (employee stock ownership program) company. With engineering and manufacturing at its core, Kennon Products says yes to virtually any project whose goal is to protect high-value assets. Learn more about Kennon products at

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