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Jakarta targets 700,000 health workers to receive second booster

We hope to complete it (aim to administer reminders) this month (August 2022)

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Jakarta Health Bureau Chief Widyastuti has confirmed that in August 2022, some 700,000 healthcare workers are targeted to receive the second COVID-19 booster.

“We hope to complete it (aim to administer boosters) this month (August 2022),” Widyastuti said during a conversation with members of the media team at Cengkareng Regional General Hospital ( RSUD) here on Wednesday.

The head of the office stressed the need to achieve the goal of ensuring that all healthcare workers are vaccinated, so that they can serve the residents of Jakarta.

Widyastuti noted that the second phase of the booster vaccination program in Jakarta aligns with the Health Ministry directive.

She explained that during the process, health workers will get a ticket to receive the second booster vaccine at available health facilities.

If they did not get the ticket, healthcare workers can receive the second booster injection by manual data recording.

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However, Widyastuti has yet to confirm the number of healthcare workers who received the second booster.

Several health offices in Jakarta distributed the second booster doses to health facilities.

The East Jakarta Health Unit is one of the areas in the city that distributed the doses.

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“In (East Jakarta), there are about three thousand health care workers. I hope we can address them (the need for booster doses) soon,” said the head of the health bureau of East Jakarta, Nikensari, Tuesday August 2nd. .

Nikensari pointed out that healthcare workers, who can get the second reminder, should have received a ticket on the PeduliLindungi app.

The type of vaccine used will follow the previous dose they received and is based on the availability of vials distributed by the central government, she explained.

“The type of vaccine, the interval, will not be much different from the previous COVID-19 vaccination. We have entered the second booster (period), so not much has changed,” she claimed. .

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