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Health workers in Kashmir walk several kilometers through snow-covered areas to immunize people, India News News

There is an old saying in India that doctors are superior to God on this Earth. And health workers in the Kashmir Valley agree with that saying. Despite the excruciating cold and completely snow-covered roads, these Kashmir Valley health workers brave the harsh weather conditions and go door to door to vaccinate people.

In a remote area of ​​the Kashmir Valley called Fakir Gujri, a team of health workers carrying vaccination boxes and other materials begins their vaccination campaign by walking through the narrow snow-capped lanes of this mountainous region. They walk for miles knocking on people’s doors to get vaccinated.

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“It’s difficult to work in these areas, we cannot take our cars in these areas and we have to walk for 1-2 km with the boxes of vaccines and other things. Then we go door to door and motivate people to take those shots. We are also focusing on teenagers now. We arrived in the region of Faqir Gujri which is a remote area completely covered with snow and we go to the houses to ask them to be vaccinated. The booster dose recently started for people over 60 years old and it is getting done too. We go especially for the elderly who cannot walk in these conditions and vaccinate them. ” Said Rouf Ahmad, Covid Warrior.

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Doctors in the valley say that to get rid of Covid-19 there is no other way than to vaccinate people in all corners of the valley. The snow and the negative temperatures in no way lower the morale of these doctors who work permanently in the high regions of Kashmir.

“It’s very difficult for us to reach these areas but for the sake of the people we have approached here. We started the door-to-door vaccinations as of today, actually yesterday. We have already vaccinated 7 cases so far in the snow. We are giving precautionary doses. We have to keep the interest of the people in mind. We have been facing the pandemic since 2019 and to get rid of it we have to approach everyone to get these doses. said Dr Seema Ashraf, Node Manager, Vaccination.

The inhabitants of these upper districts appreciated the relocation of the health service. They say people over 60 cannot move around in these weather conditions and having health workers on their doorstep is a great departmental initiative.

We thank the staff for coming here to vaccinate us. This is my first dose of the vaccine and I finally got it. Everyone is now showing up for the vaccine. It is difficult for the elderly to get around in these weather conditions and we are grateful to have these doctors on our doorstep, ” said Abdul Khalid Ganai, senior.

The Kashmir health department has formed similar teams in every remote village in the valley. The teams leave the health centers every morning and go door to door to vaccinate people in these accumulated areas.

About 688,286 lakh people need to receive these booster doses on this journey. Among them are 1,06,245 health workers, 3,17,631 lakhs are front-line workers that include police and paramilitary forces, and 2,410 people over 60 with co-morbidities.

Children between the ages of 15 and 18 are also vaccinated. There are about 8.33 lakh of children in this age group in which half of them have already been vaccinated. The government says the other half will be vaccinated in a few days.

Jammu and Kashmir has been one of the most advanced states to immunize the most people. The valley’s health workers were appreciated by all, including India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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