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Health services in Nairobi are paralyzed, as health workers go on strike – GhettoRadio 89.5 FM

The Nairobi County health workers’ strike has reached its second day, with health workers demanding better wages and a good working environment. The strike affected the flow of services in the various establishments of the county.

Workers today stormed Nairobi Metropolitan Services offices demanding a speedy implementation of their demands.

They demand salary increases, promotions, permanent employment for those under contract, among other demands.

“It is regrettable that the NMS does not follow the law and implement the policies set out by the PSC. Health workers have suffered the most and we will not listen to any leader claiming to support NMS. With this statement, we put all aspirants to the post of governor on their guard. Ladies and gentlemen. We demand to be heard and the established policies followed at least for once. The NMS was set up because it was claimed that the county government at the time was not following the law, unfortunately the NMS is worse,’ they said in a statement.


According to the secretary of the National Union of Nurses of Kenya, Nairobi branch, Boaz Onchari, director of health at the NMS, Dr Ouma has not responded to their demands despite the commitment of chief executive Mohamed Badi.

“It was black and white that the director ordered a certain Dr Oluga to make sure this was done. We have given formal notice to the health and HR director. They need to stop joking around with healthcare workers. They waste so many lives and the prayers of weak workers will reach the Heavenly Father and they will indeed reap from their actions. We demand that the EACC investigate them as they are unfit to hold public office despite our goodwill and support. NMS has taken us into vicious circles and now our members have said enough is enough,’ Onchari told Ghetto Radio News.

By Allan Otieno

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