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Health center helps refugees and immigrants get medical care | Letters to the Editor

Greenburgh has the second largest Ukrainian population in Westchester. If readers know of Ukrainian refugees in need of medical attention, they should contact the Greenburgh Neighborhood Health Center, which has started helping refugees. I have already referred a few refugees from Ukraine to the health center, and everyone who has contacted me has received efficient and caring help from the wonderful team of administrators, doctors and medical providers.

The Greenburgh Neighborhood Health Center is located at 295 Knollwood Road, White Plains (almost opposite the Greenburgh Library). The phone number is 914-989-7600. They’ve worked with the city — giving residents booster shots, vaccines, outdoor flu shots during the pandemic. And they hope to get a grant to be able to do home visits with their elderly and disabled population.

The health center is amazing, they have never disappointed.

The health center is also happy to help others. Afghan, South American refugees and immigrants will also receive sympathetic attention. All they have to do is ask for help. Do not hesitate to make known this marvelous organization.

Refugees from anywhere in the world temporarily moving to New York should call 1-855-355-5777 and state their refugee status for coverage.

I’m happy to help anyone reduce the paperwork and can also be reached at [email protected] or by cell phone: 914-438-1343.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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