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*Estimated wait times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Although your medical condition will be assessed by a qualified healthcare professional after your arrival, the estimated wait time shown is the estimated average time it will take to be seen by a treating healthcare professional (doctor, nurse , practitioner or physician assistant).

Depending on your condition and that of other patients at the center, the estimated wait time may change as patients are seen based on the severity of their condition, and the most critical patients are seen first. This estimate is provided for information only and cannot be guaranteed.

While visiting our facility, you may receive services from our facility as well as other healthcare providers. You may receive a separate bill from these other healthcare providers, and they may or may not participate in the same health insurance plans as the facility. You should contact health care providers who may be of service to you for a list of insurance plans in which they participate. You can also ask the facility and other healthcare providers for a personalized cost estimate. For a list of health care providers and doctors’ offices that may provide services to you when you visit a Baptist health care facility, click here.

If you have any questions regarding a separate statement/bill you have received from a healthcare provider, please contact the billing offices of the relevant healthcare provider or group.

If, however, you have questions or concerns directly related to your Baptist Health facility bill, please contact our Patient Financial Services department at 786-594-6000.

Additional information regarding patient billing and collection procedures, our financial assistance policy, and our charitable care program are available on our site.

Good Faith Estimate

If you are uninsured, you have the right to receive a good faith estimate of the charges under the law without surprises. Learn more.

Your rights and protections against surprise medical bills

When you receive emergency care or are treated by an out-of-network provider at an in-network hospital or outpatient surgery center, you are protected against surprise billing or balance billing. Learn more.

Resources for hospital data

The Florida Health Care Administration Agency (AHCA) makes hospital pricing and performance data available on its website at and Hospital pricing and performance data is based on a compilation of charges for the average patient. A patient’s bill may differ from the stated average, depending on the severity of the illness and individual care needs. The service package information is a non-personalized estimate of the costs that may be incurred by the patient for the services scheduled and that the actual costs will be based on the services actually provided to the patient.

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