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Five or ten? Local health workers await COVID guidelines | Covid19

As of Wednesday afternoon, the 10-day rule for coronavirus quarantines remained in Lyon County. But that could change Thursday morning.

“The KDHE may change its guidelines,” Lyon County public health spokesman Justin Ogilby said at 1:30 p.m.

But at 3 p.m., the Kansas Department of Health and Environment was planning to make a COVID-19 announcement. Ogilby said it will be Thursday or Friday before the county can analyze the announcement and make adjustments. Until there?

“We still follow our current rules – 10 days, then test at seven,” Ogilby said. “We’re going to move on to something that follows the KDHE guidelines. “

COVID-19 rules and guidelines at all levels have transformed almost as quickly as the omicron variant has spread.

“It makes it difficult for us,” Ogilby said. “We want to get the most accurate information to people in the least confusing way possible.”

Wednesday began with the KDHE recommending that anyone infected with the virus stay home for five days, whether or not they have received a vaccine. This reflected the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, which Ogilby says is not a regulatory body.

People who have no symptoms or who are getting better could end the quarantine after five days, KDHE advised, provided they don’t have a fever and no medication lowers their temperature.

The latest Lyon County Public Health report on Monday afternoon reported 283 active cases of COVID-19. But only four of them resulted in patients currently in hospital.

The last update released by Chase County was two weeks ago. It showed 16 active cases, including 10 new ones in the previous seven days.

As of Wednesday morning, the KDHE counted 6,892 cases of coronavirus in the department of Lyon since the start of the pandemic and 97 deaths. Chase County has recorded 486 cases and six deaths.

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