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AIIMS to make ‘special medical care arrangements’ for sitting MPs’ Glamsham

New Delhi, Oct 19 (IANS) Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has prepared a special Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for OPD/emergency consultations and hospitalization of serving members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha .

All patients referred to AIIMS by MPs will receive appropriate assistance from the Media and Protocol Division, reads a letter from AIIMS posted on social media.

“The duty officers (who are qualified medical professionals) of the Deptt. Hospital Administration will be available in the AIIMS Hospital Control Room 24 hours a day and the Duty Duty Officer will be the nodal officer to coordinate and facilitate any medical care arrangements required for serving MPs” , reads the communication from AIIMS to Joint Secretary, Lok Sabha Secretariat.

According to the communication, the SOP was made following the visit of the Joint Secretary of the Lok Sabha Secretariat, for a discussion on streamlining the medical care system for sitting MPs.

“In the event that a sitting Honorable Member requires an OPD consultation from a specialty/super-specialty department, the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat or the personal staff of the Honorable Member will contact the service and provide him with the required details of the disease and specialist/super-specialist doctor to consult,” it read.

The duty officer will speak to the medical specialist or sub-specialist concerned or the head of duty. and schedule the required appointment.

“In case it is necessary, we can also talk to the head of centre/head of the department concerned. The officer can guide them as to emergency services, the Honorable Member should be brought in as the primary emergency or trauma center emergency or eye emergency,” he said.

The duty officer will extend the protocol in due form to the MP in his office and confirm the availability of the relevant medical specialist before dispatching the MOs for the required consultation, accompanied by an official from AIIMS.

The duty officer will ensure that the MP is received in the relevant emergency by the on-duty patient care officer and receives immediate attention and treatment by physicians from the respective specialty/subspecialty departments.

In accordance with the notification, the medical records officer in charge of the admissions office of the main hospital or one of the centers where MPs are admitted will ensure that as they are admitted, the required information are basically sent to the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha. Secretariat upon admission on the email ids provided by Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat and WhatsApp number.

“The Duty Officer Control Room AIIMS Hospital will be the single nodal officer to coordinate all medical care arrangements for serving Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha MPs. He will speak to duty officer counterparts centers if required and may also contact/consult with the supdt physician/head of center/head of any department if and when there is such a requirement,” the letter read.

“All other patients who are referred to AIIMS for consultation or treatment required in AIIMS by Honorable Members of Parliament will receive appropriate assistance from the Media and Protocol Division,” the letter read.



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