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Aid station without health workers


A community support post in Bukawa, Nawae district, has had no health workers for two years and the community continues to wait for one to be sent there.

Residents say the authorities had promised them that a health worker would be sent, but they are still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled.

Yanam Kirabing, a local parishioner, said the Yambo village aid station is an example of a community project, built by the community and with the support of the parishioner.

“The aid station was built about 15 years ago and was a dilapidated facility in dire need of renovation and proper maintenance, and we were privileged to have this renovation carried out by Bank South Pacific,” said said Mr. Kirabing.

“Despite the interview by the BSP team, we are still waiting for the health worker as many sick people come to the health center in Boac or travel to Lae for treatment.”

Mr Kirabing said they were told that once the positions were advertised through the provincial health authority structure, health workers would apply for the positions to work in the area.

He said whatever the process, the community needs the health service and they are appealing to the authorities to ensure that the aid station receives the staff.

Asked about the aid post and the work done there, BSP Group Chief Executive Robin Fleming said it was disappointing that the private sector was investing in community projects for community needs, but that the service is not provided.

“It gets disappointing when the private sector invests in community projects for the needs of the community, and that’s why we do it, but it’s disappointing that the aid station is not staffed,” said Mr. Fleming.

“However it relates to Covid-19, I hope the staffing issue can be resolved as it affects service delivery.

This means that the community does not benefit from the investment that sponsors, donors and others put into communities. »

BSP Lae Top Town project coordinator for the aid post, Nepthalai Aukiri, said projects like this are identified by the team before they go in and establish it and that is a serious concern. when people do not benefit from this service.

“It was really run down when we went to do the project and not to mention the logistical cost of transporting all the materials by sea, and that’s a concern when we don’t have staff working there to serve those who need it”, Mr. Aukiri mentioned.

“We as a company try to identify the needs in the community and do such projects, and the government and officials need to make sure they do their part.

“It’s not just BSP but other corporate entities, NGOs and others who are helping with projects. It would be encouraging if the government and officials did their part as well as it is supposed to be a community partnership program.

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