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A/R: Muslim health workers examine residents of Zongo communities

Hundreds of residents of Zongo communities in Asokore Mampong and Old Tafo municipalities of the Ashanti region benefited from free annual screening organized by the Alhaji Yusif Ibrahim Foundation in collaboration with the Workers’ Association Muslim Health Authority of Ghana (MHWAG).

The annual event dubbed “Zongo Annual Health Checkup” saw the deployment of different specialists who are members of the Muslim Health Workers Association to screen residents and also give them necessary medical advice based on the diagnosis.

Health workers screened beneficiaries for blood pressure, random blood glucose, malaria RDT, weight, height and body mass index, and helped them to know their HIV status.

Doctors have also embarked on hepatitis B screening and general consultation of beneficiaries.

According to the leadership of the Muslim Health Workers Association of Ghana, the aim of the initiative is to advocate for an annual health check for every adult.

The female organizer of the Ghana Muslim Health Workers Association, Adjaratu Lampinley, said members of the association have been going to communities to meet the health needs of the less privileged to enable them to reveal certain medical conditions that are prevalent among the locals.

She explained that “during screening, we were able to detect some people who did not know they had diabetes or hypertension, and the health workers were able to refer them to the appropriate health facilities for further treatment. And again, some people didn’t know their HIV status and thank God we were able to detect new cases that they had never heard of.

The Association said it also observed that apart from the ignorance of the inhabitants about their health status, most of them faced financial difficulties which hindered access to seek health care.

Mrs. Ajaratu Lampinley cited a case where she had to financially help one of the beneficiaries to enable him to go to the hospital after being diagnosed with an illness during the screening exercise.

“Some of them are really poor, they don’t have the means. Others have the means, but through ignorance. So we encourage them, we sensitize them and we encourage them to visit health facilities,” she added.

Officials of the Alhaji Yusif Ibrahim Foundation have pledged to continue their support for the initiative to ensure that residents of Zongo communities receive medical care.

Beneficiaries praised the initiative of the Alhaji Yusif Ibrahim Foundation and the Muslim Health Workers Association of Ghana.

The Association’s leadership called on philanthropists and other benevolent institutions to partner with it to help vulnerable people in Zongo communities.

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